I am always looking for art that instantly catches my attention and when you see an art piece by Rone you are immediately taken by the intensity and beauty that many of his creations have to offer. Something as simple as the female face has taken a major role in his art and he has transformed this focal point into a striking and beautifully complex work of art. I was able to interview Rone on his pieces and received some insight into the exhibition he is currently working on. This is his story....


I‘m a fan of the pieces you create with the portraits of women. Who are these women? What do they represent?  Which girl is your favorite?

The women are models I am lucky enough to work with to create my images. To me they represent beauty, innocence or sometimes defiance. I can't really pick a favourite girl but I do have favourite artworks or walls.


Do you consider yourself a street artist, a graffiti artist, or do these labels encompass a mixture of the type of artist you consider yourself to be?

I'm fine with street artist. But that would only refer to the work I do on the street. Once it's in a gallery it's just art.


Tell me about Everfresh and your involvement with them. What has the group contributed to the street art scene in Melbourne Australia?

Everfresh is a collection of like minded friends who have been painting together in Melbourne for the last decade. I could go on for days about what we have done, in-fact we wrote a book about it. (http://www.everfreshstudio.com/blog/the-book/)


On your website I found this quote “We all have moments in our lives that make us who we are”. Was there a moment in your life that sent you down the artistic path?

I remember seeing graffiti for the first time when I would travel to Melbourne on the train from the regional area I grew up in. I was fixated on looking out the window trying not to miss a thing. I think I was hooked from that moment.



What mediums do you work with and what is the hardest medium you use to create your pieces?

I work with water based paints so I can get the paint to drip and run, but it dries really fast so I really need to work fast some times. The hardest part might be creating the posters in the background of the canvas works. Each one is designed and screen printed all at Everfresh studio which is a long process for something that gets painted over or ripped apart. 


Tell me about your “Can’t Stop”, “Won’t Stop” and “Don’t Stop” series. What do those phrases mean to you as an artist?

The '…Stop' phrases were coined by Wonderlust from Everfresh. I put it to him to use his text with my girls and we had a pretty good reaction from it so we continued the series. To us it is a reference to the nature of graffiti, the addictiveness, the empowerment and the inspiration that we find in it everyday.



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