Fusing Japanese culture with romance themed art, Lady AIKO has made a name for herself as a fearless artist on the East Coast. Her pieces can only be described as snap-shots of the essence of femininity with a touch of sass complimented by her use of mixed media. Her bold and pop-art inspired masterpieces brought resurgence to the streets of New York and connected her with the hardcore spirit of street art. AIKO’S Hollywood introduction to the art world began through her cameo as a tourist in the now famous documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop” which starred the ever mysterious street artist Banksy. AIKO’s professional credits are endless and on her return from a South African art festival I had the pleasure of interviewing her on her career, her artistic techniques and what it was like to work with her friend Banksy. This is her story….

Why did you choose the name AIKO and what does it symbolize for you?

It is my real name Ai-LOVE Ko-LADY


Do you feel that there is a void in the street art scene when it comes to female artists? Why or why not?

I think it doesn't matter male or female to create art and expose ourselves.  I love that the scene is open to everyone.


What are some ideas you visualize when capturing the essence of female femininity in your art?

Positivity, beauty, sex, love and life...


What techniques and accomplishments did you achieve while you were in your street art collective “FAILE”?

It was like school time. We all were art and media college student and we brought our skills from the class room to the FAILE studio. I have learned basic technique of print making, stenciling, collaging, wheat pasting and all types of the street action. I really got into outdoor stenciling.


How would you classify your style of art?

Mix media art. Experimental art.


What can you share regarding your collaboration with Banksy? Were you surprised at how much media attention it received when it was included in “Exit Through The Gift Shop”?

I’ve made friends through street art traveling, festivals and museum exhibitions. Banksy was one of the international artist friends I made and he came to NY for the museum mission. When he took me to the museum tour, it was a really fun day. I was excited about the filming and happy to be a witness of this cool project.


What themes are fused in your art that attribute to your origins from Tokyo, Japan?

Discipline, craftmanship, zen, manga and cute.


When you think of living in New York what comes to mind that has added creative ideas and themes to your art?

Street, multi culture, hardcore, pop.


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