A friend of mine brought to my attention this amazing painting of the Notorious B.I.G. made by an artist who goes by the name Adream. Fascinated by this piece, I continued to research his paintings and became more and more of a fan with each piece I found. I love how the diversity of his subject matter and the colors that encapsulate his art jump out at the observer and hold their undivided attention. I was lucky enough to interview Adream on his inspirations, his contributions to Washington State, and insight on his technique. This is his story….


Q. Where did the name “Adream” come from? 

A. My last year living in Pasco, Washington: 1999 was the year Pasco District 123 prepared me for Seattle, inspired me, and gave me a purple pendant. "Pasco's Painter of dreams"


Q. Many of your paintings have an explosion of color and embody different emotions through the colors. What can you share about your creation process?

A. My style and technique of painting is a universal language we all can connect to. As a cultural artist, I involve many diverse regions such as India, aboriginal art, and Guatemalan tapestry .I paint what is naked to the human eye.  For example, the most important feature in my work is that ordinary people and things have a divine presence and 'glow' to on looking viewers. It's important, through vibrant color paint, to create a world that only lives in our imagination. 2012 marks my 10th year anniversary of painting using patterns of geometry, intricate line work found in nature's patterns, and painting stem cells structure that resemble DNA. These details contribute to the diverse display people around the world connect to. It's like saying a little of me is in the art.

Q. What type of artist are you?

A. “Philanthropist". I use my art to send a message of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing WashingtonState in the sense of "what it is to be human", or "human potential". I create private initiatives for public Art Donations and Professional Workshops.


Q. What inspires you?

A. Latino community members believe that, under Secure Communities and past immigration policies, local police actively collaborate with immigration agents to detain and deport undocumented residents. This is alarming in WashingtonState: under Secure Communities families are torn apart daily. I'm inspired to create a solution that sheds light on this matter. Latino residents feel that local officials and law enforcement do not “know” the Latino community and do not take into consideration their views and perceptions. These two facts affect our WashingtonState, our future: "Our Children". These are two barriers where art and communications can shed light. Personally, it propels me to deliver a greater message through Painting or Video productions with artists across the globe.

Q. My favorite piece of yours is the Notorious B.I.G. painting from an original well known photograph of him. Tell me about the making of this.

I was always interested in the life of an artist after his death. How people view poets after they are gone. It's fascinating. The message and the truth will always remain.


Q. Your work has received much attention from the art community. Did you ever imagine your creations to strike a chord with people?

As a child my teacher said "Someday people will pay for your drawings". I did not understand what she meant at the moment. Today at 27, I'm honored to be chosen and directing these public projects for the State requires me to give 120% of my self. I've gotten a better understanding of who I am in relation to my growing family in WashingtonState.


Q. What has been your favorite painting so far?

A. "The Dream Mural" at GarrisonMiddle School. 40,000 dots!


Q. What are you currently working on?

A. Performing Arts, Live Action Painting, and Film Project in Berkeley, Californina.


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Editor’s Note: The artist wanted to include a credit for TheNewWa.com