If there's one thing I can attest to is that a MAN should ALWAYS make sure he looks presentable. Even if its something as simple as keeping up with a haircut.

I remember the first time I met up one of my guy friends I thought to myself, "He looks exceptionally handsome today." Although he is a naturally good looking guy, there was something about him on that particular day that stood out. He was casually dressed wearing a white TEE and fitted 501s- cuffed over his chucks, yet I couldn't quite figure out why I was drawn to him more.

Until he mentioned he got a haircut.

One day I tagged along to the barbershop and fell in love. Yes, I fell in love with a barbershop! ‘Ernie’s Chop Shop’ has a great nostalgic feel and laid back with an eclectic taste of knick knacks. Ernie was not only professional, but a cool cat to have a conversation with. I waited in a cool environment, watched some great tube and overheard (what can I say) the hilarious conversations he was having with his good looking male clientele.

So with this GREAT experience and the satisfied outcome of my friend's fresh new cut, I decided to interview the good lookin’ man with the talented hands (for cutting hair that is).

SMC: How long has ‘Ernie’s Chop Shop’ been in business?

EG: I officially took over ownership on January 2, 2005. I had worked here 3 months, prior to buying, but the history on this shop goes as far back since 1948 (different name); I’m the third owner.

SMC: That’s some history to tell. Got any stories?? *Grin*

EG: *Silent*

SMC: *head down* Yea. So! How old were you when you first started cutting hair?

EG: I have been cutting hair since I was 15 and I’m currently 34 years old. On my parents unfinished backyard patio is where my cousin got the first haircut and an hour later with the clippers, that my mother gave me, a new talent emerged.

SMC: Ahh... family’s are always the best guinea pigs *nodding head and smiling* Im sorry continue.

EG: *silent* Now I can knockout a haircut in 10 minutes if needed. Pretty soon my friends caught wind of my cheap haircuts (I either charged $5 or food from Carl’s Jr.) and the next thing I knew I was in my garage cutting hair all hours of the night all through high school. I pretty much had a shop in my parent’s garage.

SMC: Hey, Im not mad at you. A man’s got to eat and look good at ALL times. So I think that was a reasonable trade. What interested you in becoming a barber?

EG: For over the past 45 years my mother has been cutting hair and for the past 20 years had taught cosmetology. Although she practiced mainly in women’s styling, when she would cut my father’s hair I would take notice, but then shortly after I stopped visiting my mother’s salon and started visiting the local barber. It wasn’t until I got into junior high that I got the full barber shop “experience” in a relative’s barber shop.

SMC: Oh yea, what kind of “experience”? *Grin*

EG: *Grin* ‘Eddie’s Barber Shop’ in Redondo Beach is where I got to see the nude pictures, the drinking, and I got to hear the good ol’ "barber shop talk" (women, cars, and more women) in which I carried with me into my parents garage.

SMC: You dirty man you. *pointing at Ernie with grin*

EG: …and ‘Ernie’s Chop Shop’ is really just an extension of my parent’s garage. I knew at a young age I had a passion and skill for cutting hair, but it wasn’t ‘til I finished high school that I knew I wanted to be a barber.

SMC: …and from what I witnessed that was definitely the right direction for you. *hats off*

EG: I was always better at "hands on" classes such as wood, auto shop, and photography. Other classes became boring and I only did enough to get by. I knew college wasn’t for me and so I chose school of barbering instead and much to my father’s dismay I did have to promise that if barbering didn’t pan out, I would go to college.

SMC: Nowadays a trade is much needed but I’m sure back in the day your parents had other plans.          

EG: Well, August 31st 2012 marks my 15th year as a professional barber! College isn’t for everyone and my father is my #1 customer and he is very proud of how I turned my passion into a career.

SMC: What a great story. You have my respect.

SMC: When I visited your shop I noticed every client leaving looking dapper. Do they tell you what style they want or do you just know what to give them (e.g. do you go by what suits them)?

EG: My clients come in asking for different types of haircuts, but luckily for me I have found my clientele niche, so to speak. I cater to men wanting clean classic haircuts and I pretty much take it from there. I have been doing this trade long enough that I can explain to a client that the style they want wont work for the type of hair they have. I can only hope that they’ll listen and trust me. I understand that hair is very important to a man and so I do my best to make sure they leave happy.

SMC: That’s the “golden touch” I was talking about! *high five*

EG: *No high five* *Grin*

SMC: Are you the only barber at your establishment?

EG: I am a one man barber shop. I have been solo for a year and a half and truth be told, I like it this way. I have been in business for 8 years now and I have been thru 11 employees! 

SMC: 11?!

EG: YES 11! After the last guy left to open his own shop, I decided to try it alone. It’s worked out for my business and although the wait can be long at times, my loyal customers know what they can expect from me and not have to worry about the sketchy new guy. Now it’s ALL on me and I LOVE it! 

SMC: What are the prices in cuts?

EG: My prices are beyond fair. Here are the goin’ rates:

Regular Cut-$14

Kids 12 and Under-$12

Seniors 65+ $11


Hot Towel Shave-$20

SMC: Not bad city slicker. Those are decent and that’s coming from a woman on a budget.

SMC: What type of cuts do you offer? What services (e.g. shampoo, highlights, etc...)??

EG: I specialize in traditional classic cuts, razor fades and offer the flattest flattop around!  No shampoos, highlights, and/or long hair cuts. For that, hit the salon buddy!

SMC: *Grr* I like it! (Yes I just growled *head slightly down in shame*) What are your hours?

EG: My hours are NOT traditional hours BUT they do cater to everyone.

SMC: Break it down for me bro!

EG: Tuesday & Thursday ONLY – 

         Wednesday & Friday – 

         Saturdays – 

         Sunday & Monday – CLOSED

SMC: Sounds legit! Any last words to the readers…

EG: I will say this, if you’re looking for a barber shop to get in 'n' out of, than my shop is NOT for you. The wait is usually an hour or more (longer on weekends). However, if you are the man (or female with a kid) who can appreciate the ambiance of an old school- - walk in, sit down, wait your DAMN turn- -barber shop than you are welcome here anytime. There are plenty of Playboy, Sports, and Hot Rod magazines to look at, as well as TV or music on ALL day.

SMC: I LOVE IT! So, if those last words didn’t convince you, YOU need to get your head examined.


Ernie’s Chop Shop

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