The 102.7 KIISFM + Frankly Chat Trendsetter of the Week are Vine stars Jack and Jack!

Jack Gilinsky, 17, and Jack Johnson, 18, known as Jack & Jack to their combined 8.5 million social media follower met in Kindergarten. On the first day of school, they sat next to each other in their Omaha, Nebraska classroom. They were both wearing the same shirt, shared the same name, and have been best friends ever since.

Their classroom antics were known throughout school; Jack Johnson - the witty kid who talked really fast and Jack Gilinsky - the good-looking kid who came up with hilarious one-liners. While in grade school, they began filming and putting up You Tube videos on a Channel they titled MotherFalconQuagmire. Their satires included British-speaking lads, actors in beer commercials and lip-syncing and acting out music videos. Their parents talk about how they called them Jack G. and Jack J. because they were together so much if you said Jack, they would both answer. They will both tell you; they have the same sense of humor.

Jack & Jack recently graduated from Westside High School. While in school, they always talked about doing something with their crazy humor and passion for music and entertaining. During the summer before their senior year of high school, they decided to start making Vines to see if they could amass 10,000 followers. By the the start of the school year, they had over 20,000 followers and had become known as Jack & Jack.

Jack & Jack created a series of Vines around the characters Eric and Winston, better known as The Nerd Vandals. The vandals wore bow ties and glasses and vandalized cars by solving math problems on them. The first Nerd Vandal vine went viral garnering over 100,000 followers in one week and was hailed by the Huffington Post as ‘the perfect vine”.

Jack & Jack frequently create vines to increase public awareness of important causes, including skin cancer and anti-bullying. They currently represent a number of local and national brands, social media applications, and are working with an entertainment company, Sky Vu, on a Jack & Jack video game.

After surpassing 4 million followers on Vine, Jack & Jack continue to produce content for Vine and YouTube, as well as focus on one of their passions, music. Both Jacks play instruments and share the same taste in music. They have written and published 4 songs, including “Doing It Right,” which they released on July 1. Each song has hit #1 on the I Tunes Hip-Hop chart., and they have sold over 250,000 songs.

Jack & Jack will be headlining a back to school tour in August in conjunction with DigiTour, the world’s largest social media touring company. The 18-city tour will reach in excess of 20,000 fans throughout cities in North America, including a performance in Anaheim, CA on August 30.

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