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Lukas Graham is back with their new single “You’re Not There,” which is a Breakout on AT40 this weekend.

The guys got a chance to play their new track live while out on the Jingle Ball Tour. So they sent over this video revealing their favorite Jingle Ball moment and performance.<P>Plus we get a little mini tour of their bus!

“Sleeping in the bunks, being on tour with your friends…it’s kind of like you’re on a field trip and you get to play your favorite video games on the bus,” says the band’s frontman. “So just being on the Jingle Ball Tour is our favorite Jingle Ball moment.”

As for their favorite performance: “When we walked into the audience in LA and we saw Bruno Mars open the show that was special,” he says.

Lukas Graham’s new single “You’re Not There” is out now, get it here.