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Chris Brown's girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, sat down with Keke Palmer on 'Just Keke' for, what turned out to be, a very emotional interview. 

Karrueche and Chris have been dating for some time now, but there has been a lot of drama in that time. 

On one level or another, we can all relate to this situation. The ex. 

Karrueche has held it down for Chris even when he publicly admitted to loving both Rihanna and Karrueche. 

I don't know Karrueche personally, but I'm really impressed as to how she has handled every situation involving him with such grace. 

As of now, they are currently still together.

I have a feeling her brand is going to keep growing with or without him. She has a few endorsement deals of her own, including Pac Sun. 

The full interview will air on BET later today. 

Keke: Now I remember when you and I had a conversation right before everything started getting really crazy with Chris Brown. And I said to you, how is it? Is everything okay? And you were like, “Well it’s not me. It’s just my boyfriend’s a celebrity.” …I actually felt really bad in that time because you have a girl, who’s just a girl from California, who ends up falling in love with one of the big pop stars of our time. And you’re hit with all of this drama. I mean what was that like? Were you a bit down about it? Were your friends there for you? How did you find a way to really move forward through all of this and keep going?

Karreuche: Just keeping a level head and positivity. I’ve never dated a celebrity before so it was very new to me. Paparazzi and all that. And then, even the situation with Rihanna, you know the reason why people tuned into this so much was because it’s relatable. I have girlfriends, I have family who’s gone through the same situation. It’s the case of the ex. We all go through it, do you know what I’m saying? But, however…in this case my boyfriend is a celebrity who’s ex-gilrfriend is an even bigger [celebrity]…Do you know what I’m saying? So, not only am I fighting a battle with her, I’m fighting a battle with her 14 million fans or however else. So, imagine how that feels for me when I gotta get on Twitter and I see a whole bunch of stuff….

Keke: And people are trying to make you constantly prove yourself. I see that a lot. I’m like looking and your comments…

Karreuche: They make up all kind of crazy stuff and it’s like they know nothing about me. But, you know, because they know nothing about me, because I stay so mute sometimes, that leaves open space for them to say whatever they want….

Keke: What would you say the hardest part of it all was for you?

Karreuche: Um, jeez. I guess I would say the heartbreak because it was a real situation….

(Karreuche starts to cry.)

Keke: What was the heartbreak, mami? It’s okay, we can take a second…We all feel you, we all feel you.

Karreuche: Yeah, it was a real life situation…. 

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