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If you know me, you know that Khloe Kardashian is my favorite Kardashian. She is gorgeous and seems to have a great personality. 

That being said...

Let's get to this rumor. 

According to, things look like things are getting more serious between Khloe and rapper, French Montana. There are pictures of them in D.C., NYC, and Miami over the weekend. Khloe was even photographed wearing a necklace with French's name in Arabic. (See pics)

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Here's where things get messy. 

Up until a few weeks ago, French was still living with female rapper, Trina. He jetted off to LA to work on his album and that's when they're saying that Trina found out about Khloe. (NB) Apparently, she is devastated. Trina was known to hang out with Khloe's sister, Kim, so this could get awkward. 

According to NB, this isn't the first time that French Montana has a history of doing things like this at opportune times. 

Do you think that French Montana is just dating Khloe because she's poppin right now or do you think this really could be love?

I just hope Khloe doesn't get hurt again...

Also.... girl.... French Montana? Really? Like... he does not do it for me at all. 

To each her own.