The drama between Kandi Burruss, her fiancee, Todd Tucker, and her mother, Mama Joyce, has just boiled over onto daytime television!

The troubled trio stopped by The View this week to dive into the issues that have been haunting them all season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Mama Joyce took time to reiterate what she told us about Todd taking too much time off after meeting her daughter.

“Well, really Todd seems like a very nice person and when I met him he seemed like a very nice person. But I have a problem with after his first job, which was doing the Kim and Kroy wedding he took like two months off,” she explained.

“Now, I come from a family of men that work. I had a problem with that ya know? And also, he said that he was using part of his savings and when you already to me, stepping up I feel like you don’t need to use part of your savings.”

Whoopi Goldberg offered her own opinion on the drama.

“Now here’s my question.You have a man in your life right? She up in your business?”

“No,” replied Mama Joyce.

“Now okay. You and I are minutes apart in terms of age. We don’t have time for this. Let her make the mistake, if she’s gonna make the mistake,” said Whoopi. “You gotta let her do it. You can’t do this for her. We listened kinda to our parents, but we had to make our own mistakes. She gotta do it.”

Mama Joyce argued that she’s also looking out for her granddaughter, Riley.

“If it was just Kandi, I would agree with you. But Kandi has a daughter. And that’s who I’m worried about,” she said.

“I think everyone has a breaking point…The lies, that stuff is really tough. I have a mom and it affects my mother. It affects my daughter. It affects Kandi’s daughter,” she said. “The other day Kandi’s daughter told Kandi ‘I don’t like that he said he would leave you.’”

Kandi fired back by explaining that she wishes her mother would trust her judgment.  

“It is very frustrating because it’s like I love my mother to death. I do feel like Ma, you had kids too. Your  mother didn’t interfere with your relationships. I just feel like you treat me like I am just stupid and I have no sense of responsibility and I don’t think that’s fair,” she said.