WHO: G.R.L. is an all girl group whose roots lie with dancer, choreographer, and Pussycat Dolls creative director Robin Antin, who was looking to work with highly talented singers and dancers for a new group. She had already selected Lauren Bennett and the rest of G.R.L. came together organically over the last two years. G.R.L. is now signed with RCA Records. 

WHY: G.R.L.'s debut single, "Vacation", was released June 18th via RCA Records as a bundle with pop icon Britney Spears' latest single "Oh La La" for the Sony Pictures animated film The Smurfs™ 2"Vacation" was co-written by hitmakers Dr. Luke, Max Martin & Bonnie McKee & produced by Dr. Luke & Max Martin to name a few. 

SOUNDS LIKE: G.R.L.'s sound is often described as Spice Girls meets Destiny's Child.  

FUN FACT: G.R.L. is managed by Larry Rudolph, who also manages Britney Spears! 

Check out Sisanie & DJ Skee interview the ladies below.

Watch G.R.L. perform their hit song "Vacation" below & tell us what you think! 


Each week we do a fun game with the 'Next Up' artist & this time around we played "5 Fingers" the ladies. You remember the game 10 fingers, right? If you are a girl & ever went to a sleep over, you know the game.  Still no clue? Watch the video below & find out what we're talking about! 

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