It can be an emotional experience to stand in the midst of 2001 American  flags, each one honoring a US military man or woman.

"There is an overwhelming sense of patriotism and reverence for those who  have served and those who are serving," says Linda Logan of the Covina Rotary  Club.

You can sponsor a flag in honor of a veteran from any conflict, including  World War II or Vietnam. "We even had somebody sponsor a veteran from the Civil  War," Logan said.

"It got started because we heard 20 percent of our returning veterans will be  homeless," said Logan. Proceeds from the flag sponsorships benefit local  military families, paying everything from grocery bills to rent and college  tuition.

"The've gone months and months without any money from the government," Logan  said.

Sponsorships are available at The  flags will be on display Nov. 9-11 at the corner of Puente and Grand in Covina.  Admission to the display is free.

--Posted by KFI News Anchor Terry Anzur