Photo Credit: Brian Friedman 


If you haven't heard of New Politics, it's time to get famiiiar. The pop rock band from Denmark hyped up the KIIS FM Jingle Ball crowd with their mega-hit, "Tonight You're Perfect," and everyone went wild. They brought an electrifying and explosive sound to Staples Center and the entire crowd couldn't help but get on their feet to dance along.

The band's drummer hyped up the crowd with his drumsticks, encouraging them to stay standing and get hyped for "Harlem." The crowd did just that as the lead singer busted out his well-known break dance moves. Not too shabby, sir.

Although they only performed two songs, it's safe to say they crushed it and the Jingle Ball crowd was eager to hear more. If anyone wasn't a fan of the band before seeing them, they are now. Mind. Blown.