Photo Credit: Andrew Hreha  

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When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis open up with their hit, "Thrift Shop," one can't help but wonder how a performance could get any better. Well, it did. Holy. Macklemore.

The rapper is best known for his upbeat raps, but his popular slow jam, "Same Love," moved the crowd to tears. He shared his fondness for equality and Mary Lambert was on hand to sing the beautiful chorus as the audience participated singing “love is patient, love is kind."

Leave it to Macklemore to go from one extreme to another. He quickly turned Staples Center into a funky dance party and it looked as though everyone in attendance was on their feet, dancing with him and his band. The duo exuded eccentric, positive vibes, and even the youngins who may not be all that familiar with his music were standing on their chairs and enjoying the amazingness that was this performance.

BOOM! Confetti blasted from the stage filling the arena with flakes of gold in true Macklemore fashion and then it happened. His hugely popular hit, "Can't Hold Us," wrapped up his set and left the crowd on their feet in what felt like a never ending standing ovation.

Bravo, Macklemore. Bravo.