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The Wanted PUMPED up the crowd coming out super hyped singing their hit “Chasing the Sun” from their debut self-titled album.

Photo: Nick Carranza for KIIS FM

Dressed as sexy as can be in everything from leather jackets to super fly beanies, the atmosphere in the venue was filled with hyped up girls lovin’ themselves some of The Wanted.

Photo: Nick Carranza for KIIS FM

Nothing is better than super cute guys with British accents right? Explaining to the crowd of screaming girls that they traveled all the way from England for tonights’ event, they power right into their next song “Lighting”. Commanding everyone to jump to the beat of this epic song, the entire building started to shake with excitement!

Photo: Nick Carranza for KIIS FM

Next they played “All Time Low” which was their first song ever to be released in the UK. Singing and asking the crowd, how do you recover from an all time low, you can tell that every single tween in the crowd wanted to run on stage and mend The Wanted’s broken hearts.

Ending their set with their biggest hit to date “Glad You Came”, everyone from the Jingle Ball staff to the grandparents in the audience knew every word.

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