UPDATE: LA Responds To New York Dissing Disneyland (Who does that?)

Check out the article below to find out the story behind this video. GO KINGS GO! 

So, let us give you the context behind this whole video. In light of the Stanley Cup finals and the LA vs. NY competition, we wrote a fun list titled "18 Reasons Why LA Beats NY." We named the obvious like Disneyland, being able to surf & ski in the same day, and better mexican food among some others. (You know what? We actually thought of a 19th & 20th reason....how about Game 1 and Game 2? Ha!)

In response, our friends in New York wrote their own article titled "20 Reasons Why NY Is Superior To LA." Let us just start by saying that they DISSED DISNEYLAND! Who disses Disneyland? You know what someone who disses Disneyland probably needs? A pair of Mickey ears and a ride on Space Mountain. SMH. 

In addition, the list goes as far as saying that the Santa Monica Pier is the "poor man's Coney Island." Has anyone been to Coney Island lately? Check out Coney Island in the top photo below vs. Santa Monica pier on the bottom. You sure about that, NY? 

Photo Credit: Flickr/Aurelien Breeden

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Ron Kroetz

Watch what happened when real people who live in Los Angeles read this outrageous list. Their reactions are PRICELESS.  



Article by: Brittany Shabashov