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1. The Mexican Food in LA is on another level. What does NY know about the California Burrito? That's right. A burrito with FRENCH FRIES!


2. The Hollywood Hotdog. Nuff' said! Hotdog + onions & peppers + wrapped in bacon. #winning 


3. Yeah, rent in LA is a lot, but have you seen what an apartment goes for in New York these days? We're going to go ahead and save our bank accounts and not ruin our lives with those steep living expenses! 


4. You can drive top down, next to the beach with the wind in your hair in California. Can't do that in NY, can you? In LA, we are lucky to be able to own cars, drive around whenever we want and essentially make it to our destination faster than New Yorkers. On average, the average LA commute is 29mins, in NY the average is 35mins. #winning...again! 


5. Two words. THE BEACH (with sand you can actually walk on). 


6. We won the Stanley Cup 2 years ago. When did you win, NY?


7. Maybe it's the sunshine that makes our skin glow, but people in Cali are just more attractive (even if we do spend a lot on plastic surgery)! #SorryNotSorry 


8. Not a beach person? No worries. In LA, if you live by the beach you are about 1 hour away from a few different mountain areas. Go & ski in the same day. It's cool. 


9. There's no Hurricane Sandy in Los Angeles. Now that we think about it, we've never even had a snow storm in LA. **cough cough** West Coast = Best Coast. 


10. Take a road trip from NY and you're likely headed to Washington, New Jersey or Connecticut. Take a road trip in LA and you're likely headed to LAS VEGAS or San Francisco....but probably LAS VEGAS!! 


11. DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12. Cool. So you get pizza in NY but can you get In N' Out? NOPE! 


13. In LA, you can hop on Twitter to find the nearest food truck. Tacos? Grilled Cheese? Lobster? We've got it! 


14. Bikinis Bikinis Bikinis rockin' every where, rockin' everywhere! 


15. You can go hiking and get a tan year around in LA. 


16. Free concerts on the beach in Santa Monica. It's a thing and it's awesome. 


17. Monthly parking that doesn't cost more than your mortgage. 


18. 12 months of sunshine in LA vs. 2 months of sunshine in NY. Let us think about it....oh wait. NOT. 


Basically what we are saying is GO KINGS GO! Beat NY! 


Article by Brittany Shabashov