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Are you ready for the weekend?!

If you are obsessed with food as much as we is what you need to be EATING in SoCal this weekend!


Kogi Taqueria

This is the brick and mortar version of Roy Choi's food truck. The Kimchi Quesadilla and Calamari Taco are the way to go!


Birdies LA

This place is in downtown LA and it's open 24 hours on the weekends and they serve fried chicken AND donuts! The Ghost Pepper Mayo Chicken Sandwich & the Maple Bacon Donut are the perfect combination for an overnighter.




Elbows Mac n' Cheese

They have every kind of Mac & Cheese you can imagine…Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Pizza Mac & Cheese, Bacon Mac & Cheese, and the leftovers are great for breakfast.


Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A! Gimme pizza!🍕 (share if you get this reference)

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Wednesdays will be easier #WhenPigsFly

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If you work at or know a killer restaurant in Southern California email and tell us why it is your favorite restaurant!